Tim's Rubik's Cube Page

written Nov 2017, updated Dec 2017

This page requires JavaScript to render the cubes.

This is an experiment in representing a 3-D cube in a way that aids with fast recognition. The right side is torn out to simulate what you might see if you shift your angle on the cube slightly. You cannot see the back or bottom (down) side in this view—that's the point.

I will add more algorithms as I get time.

2-Look PLL, Edges

U Perm CW

y' R2 U R U
   (R' U' R') U'
   (R' U  R')

U Perm CCW

y' R U'
   R U  R  U
   R U' R' U' R2'

2-Look PLL, Corners

E Perm

x' (R U' R') D
   (R U  R') D'
   (R U  R') D
   (R U' R') D' x

A Perm CW

x (R' U R')
  (R U' R')
  D2 R2     x'

A Perm CCW

x R2' D2
  (R U  R')
  (R U' R ) x'

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