Compile and use Rsync on

written April 2018

Even though there is a tutorial for using rsync on SDF, for some reason I could not get it to work. Rsync doesn't seem to be available to me on the server I'm on. Running which rsync returns "rsync not found." This tutorial will show you how to compile Rsync manually and use it.


tar xzf rsync-HEAD.tar.gz                                
cd rsync-HEAD-*                
mkdir ~/bin
mv rsync ~/bin


You need to specify where the rsync binary resides when using rsync remotely:

Back up your SDF home directory to your local machine:

rsync -avzk --rsync-path=~/bin/rsync ~/local/path/

The -k option tells rsync to copy symlinks to directories as if they are actual directories. This is useful for copying down the "html" directory.

Update your SDF html directory from a local copy:

rsync -avz --rsync-path=~/bin/rsync ~/local/path/html/

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