Tim’s page on SDF

Hello fellow human! You've landed on my humble web page, where I intend to persist some interesting bits of knowledge. But, I'll let you be the judge of whether it's interesting! Herein you'll find some opinion, a few tutorials, and many experiments.

I've been professionally writing software for the web for over twenty years! I hope something here can be of use to you...

I have a couple other sites at timmorgan.org and timmorgan.dev. Thanks to SDF for hosting this one (probably long after I'm gone).

Um... Stuff

  • Modded Thinkpad X230 (2018-2021)
  • Tutorials

  • Compile Rsync on SDF for regular members (2018)
  • Download Your Twitter Archive and Images Too (2018-2021)
  • Install oh-my-zsh on SDF (2017)
  • Turn a Raspberry Pi into an Apple Time Capsule (2019)
  • Upgrade (Swap) Your Raspberry Pi 3 to a Raspberry Pi 4 Using the Same SD Card (2019-2020)
  • Reverse Tunnel a Home Service to a Cloud Server (2020)
  • Experiments

  • Board Slam Calculator (2018-2019)
  • HTML 2.0 tags (2017)
  • Make a Lisp (mal) in Rust (2018)
  • Rubik's Cube Algorithms (2017)
  • Whiteboard Icons (2018)

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